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This Is Agile

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As an Agile coach and trainer, I have had many rewarding Agile experiences working with clients. When something great happens for them, I gain satisfaction from seeing them learn and grow. Today, I was pleasantly [...]


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You may have heard of the recent shakeup in the pizza world resulting in John Schnatter, the founder and CEO of Papa Johns, resigning. As a result, many high-profile organizations dropped Papa Johns’ as a [...]

Agile: Taking Over the Business World

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The most recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) cover story is “Agile at Scale: How to Create a Truly Flexible Organization” by Sutherland, Rigby, and Noble is a big deal. After more than 3 decades of people [...]

Agile vs Waterfall Methodology

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Your Agile journey is important and can sometimes be intricate to maneuver. What do you need to know about Scrum teams to best work with them? What are the differences between Scrum Masters and project [...]

8 Roles of a Successful Scrum Master

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Congratulations! You passed your Scrum Master Certification. So, now what? As a Scrum Master, once you have the basics of Scrum down, what do you focus on next? Attending a certification class is a great step [...]

Let’s Take It To The Parking Lot

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  Last week, I was facilitated a retrospective where we focused on meeting satisfaction. While talking about the daily scrum and what could be improved, an engineer brought up the team’s use of the "parking [...]

Iterative Retrospective Experimentation

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I really enjoy and get a lot of value out of experimentation at work. I think it’s a great way to unleash creativity, try new ideas, continuously improve, have fun, see what works/doesn't work, etc. One team [...]

Continuous Improvement Board

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Earlier this year - after a large, stressful release - a group of Agile Coaches facilitated a retrospective involving people from over a dozen dev teams. In order to address the retro takeaways and make the progress visible, [...]

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