About Aaron Kopel

Aaron is the founder and CEO of Project Brilliant, and is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) specializing in training and coaching for large organization Agile transformation.

This Is Agile

2019-02-26T10:57:24-04:00By |

As an Agile coach and trainer, I have had many rewarding Agile experiences working with clients. When something great happens for them, I gain satisfaction from seeing them learn and grow. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to be on the receiving end of a great Agile experience! I had reached out to a company with [...]


2018-08-08T15:42:53-04:00By |

You may have heard of the recent shakeup in the pizza world resulting in John Schnatter, the founder and CEO of Papa Johns, resigning. As a result, many high-profile organizations dropped Papa Johns’ as a sponsor and the company saw a significant drop in stock price. This is the kind of opportunity competitors crave and [...]

Agile: Taking Over the Business World

2018-06-08T15:47:32-04:00By |

The most recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) cover story is “Agile at Scale: How to Create a Truly Flexible Organization” by Sutherland, Rigby, and Noble is a big deal. After more than 3 decades of people in the software world experimenting, using, refining, formalizing, and experimenting again with various aspects of what, in 2001, was labeled [...]

Agile vs Waterfall Methodology

2018-04-26T14:54:01-04:00By |

Your Agile journey is important and can sometimes be intricate to maneuver. What do you need to know about Scrum teams to best work with them? What are the differences between Scrum Masters and project managers? How does the Agile mindset differ from Waterfall methodology? Here are some essential details to help you navigate the [...]

Tree of Agility

2017-02-20T11:53:04-04:00By |

Agile is a mindset. This is important to understand and reflect upon as you begin, or continue, your Agile journey. Remember you're learning a new mindset as an individual, as a team, and as an organization. To help us go further, I’d like to offer the simple analogy of a tree, The Tree of Agility:Values - [...]