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#PBrilliant Twitter Chat 

Want your questions answered by an Agile expert? The #PBrilliant Twitter Chat is a time where Project Brilliant Founder/CEO, Aaron Kopel, answers your questions.

One of less than 50 people to hold both top-level Scrum Alliance certifications: CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) and CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach), Aaron is passionate about sharing his knowledge and contributing to the Agile community.  As such, Aaron and the Project Brilliant team of coaches and trainers have established over 1,000 Agile delivery teams and trained more than 10,000 individuals.

See what tips and insights Aaron has shared in our past chats.

What is a “feature team” vs. “component team”?2018-09-13T12:46:46-04:00

Component teams are typically organized around a layer of the application, such as UI, Data, Platform and can’t deliver anything the customer would recognize. Feature teams are organized around customer value and can delivery customer facing features.

Feature teams need to be cross-functional with all the skills needed to deliver something to the customer, including front-end, back-end, data, security, documentation, testing, architecture, UX/UI, etc.


Can a Product Owner be the PO for more than one team?2018-09-13T12:43:03-04:00

Yes, however they should have only ONE backlog. The Product Owner’s job is to maximize value across all things they own. They should use a single ordered product backlog to make priorities across everything clear. Check out Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS.works).

How does a business analyst fit into Scrum?2018-09-13T12:48:56-04:00

The work Business Analysts have evolved into is work the Dev Team should be doing, such as requirements clarification directly with stakeholders. However, that doesn’t mean they are a solid role on the Dev Team, it means they’re now a Dev team member and no longer a Business Analyst. The Business Analyst being a Dev Team member means they are now equally responsible with the rest of the team to achieve the goals and work for the sprint.

What does a Scrum Master really do?2018-09-12T10:16:07-04:00

The Scrum Master’s job is to: optimize the flow of value by using Scrum. They are the referee of the game of Scrum, solve impediments, and coach the team to become high performing team. That’s a big job with very few tangible deliverables, lots of soft skills.

What is the most common challenge you see when handling a user story?2018-07-12T11:08:56-04:00

The most common challenge, I see with user stories often come down to not understanding the concept of vertical slicing and customer focus. It is called a user story for a reason.

What are your top “can’t live without” Scrum resources?2018-07-12T08:58:08-04:00

Surprisingly there are many people who are “doing Scrum” and still haven’t read the Scrum Guide. It’s the one and only definition of Scrum. The Sutherland’s Scrum book (The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time) is another great resource to help leaders become curious about why to do Scrum.

What are the top benefits you have realized by switching to an Agile mindset?2018-07-12T11:07:59-04:00

I see many benefits from clients, such as improved morale through clearer understanding of how the teams work directly relates to customer needs and increased quality = less headaches due to product support. Also, typically I see a big improvement in business engagement once they start seeing predictability and early and often delivery.

What practices make your daily stand-up effective?2018-07-11T13:17:01-04:00

Making sure the Dev Team understands it’s THEIR meeting is a good idea. Along with that help the team set some working agreements re: focusing and listing to each other. Nothing is more useless than a Daily Standup where no one pays attention. Also, help the team focus by literally pointing to their items on the sprint backlog / task board re: what they accomplished yesterday, today, and any impediments.

Team Scrum or Kanban?2018-07-12T08:54:42-04:00

Here’s a simple 4-box diagram that works 95% of the time to help determine what framework might be best for your team. Is your work…

Scrum v. Kanaban

Where do Project Managers fit in Scrum?2018-07-12T08:54:00-04:00

Well, there are no Project Managers in Scrum, but those aspects don’t just disappear. It’s more of a mindset shift, but the tactical responsibilities of Project Management are distributed among the Scrum roles of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team.