PMP to Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)

No Flying Through Slides

Dan Whitacre is self-employed, reads two business books a month, and prides himself on being a life-long learner. Through his research, Whitacre was inclined to learn more about Scrum framework and determined Scrum is the future of project management. Dan felt it imperative to become a Scrum Master to keep up with the changing environment of project management and improve his work flow. He found Project Brilliant’s CEO and Enterprise Agile Coach, Aaron Kopel, CEC,CST, on LinkedIn and registered for the Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) course. Dan says it was the most hands-on approach to learning he’s ever encountered; instead of a usual training session, where the presenter uses PowerPoint slides, Aaron’s lively approach encouraged the audience to full interaction, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding and learning experience. Since attending the course, Dan uses the Scrum framework in every aspect of his life—both business and personal.

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Next-Level Project Management

As a project manager, Dan says the Project Brilliant Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) course provided him the ability to manage a team and ensure every person was fulfilling their role. While attending Project Brilliant’s CSM course he learned the concept of “gut checks”, which ensures that all work is complete on time. The Agile mindset encourages Scrum Masters to check in with their team using a “Fist to Five” strategy to gauge the comfort level of the team and complete jobs on time, aiding the team in setting realistic timeline expectations and managing key stakeholders. Feeling inspired by the successful outcome experienced with his team, Dan decided to implement the mindset in a personal project to flip a home. After creating a Scrum board and explaining how to follow the framework to his construction team, they successfully constructed the house project within six weeks and sold the home in two. He attributes the timeline and project success to the Scrum framework. Breaking down the complexity of running a building project, he got down to the specifics to streamline the workflow.


Transform Your World

Dan is engaged in start-up activities for multiple projects and uses the Lean Start-up and Scrum frameworks to build Minimally Viable Products (MVP’s), releasing them to early adopters to determine if the MVP’s resonate. He uses the Scrum framework to deliver more value early and often to their customers. Any business or individual can take the tips and techniques Project Brilliant teaches and apply to their life or business.



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