I recently had the chance to attend PGH TechFest in Pittsburgh. As someone new to the area, I was excited to get involved with the local tech community and chat about the benefits of Agile. I heard about TechFest from a fellow Agile Coach and learned more from the fine people at the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

As a first-time attendee and sponsor of TechFest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Project Brilliant CEO Aaron Kopel and I arrived at the venue early to set up our booth. The staff and volunteers were very helpful, and you could feel the energy in Nova Place.

The doors opened and there was a solid showing of technologists from various backgrounds. I heard numerous engaging conversations on a wide range of topics—different technologies, how organizational structures hampered the ability to deliver, the need for recognition and support from senior leadership (and receiving it), upcoming conferences, and more.

The sessions I attended were engaging and informative. Looking at the schedule reinforced something I’ve always known: “tech” is extremely broad and encompasses so much. From machine learning and creating a vision to interview techniques and building trust, nearly every business is impacted by technology in some way.

Once the sessions ended, lines formed to continue the discussions with speakers. After Aaron’s presentation on Leadership Agility, he received various context-specific questions and interacted with people seeking advice. More than once he heard, “Here’s what’s happening with my teams at my organization… what do you recommend?”

Many wonderful people stopped by the Project Brilliant booth to discuss how we might partner or support their organizations, or to simply learn more about Agile. We raffled off a free training, which was very popular with attendees—as was the oversized check!

Overall, it was a great event and we made a lot of new connections. We look forward to joining the Pittsburgh tech community and playing a part in its growth.

If you or your organization is interested in engaging individuals, improving collaboration, and delivering value more effectively—through coaching or training—please reach out to us. We would love to partner with you.