Who is up for a challenge? Need a mental break and want to see just where your Agile practices compare to the rest of the community? Learn something new and gain fresh perspective by tuning into our interactive poll each week!

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Our daily Scrum is...

  • A waste of time (0%)
  • A good chance to check sports scores on my phone (4%)
  • Where developers get told what to do by their manager (6%)
  • The best part of my day (17%)
  • Mildly interesting (19%)
  • Helpful for me and our whole team (54%)
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Agile is to my company as...

  • Earth's atmosphere is to a returning space capsule (10%)
  • Hand is to glove (13%)
  • Boxing glove is to face (13%)
  • Oil is to water (17%)
  • Dysentery is to Oregon Trail pioneer (20%)
  • Oreo is to milk (27%)
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